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A differential locker of any type will increase your off-road traction dramatically by forcing both wheels of an axle to turn at the same speed. A standard, unlocked differential, works well on the street but only sends power to the wheel with the least amount of traction, thus making it ineffective off-road. Upgrading your existing open or limited slip differential to a selectable locker will not only improve the off-road capabilities of your vehicle, it will make it safer to drive while still retaining the factory on-road handling characteristics of an open differential.
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Yukon Gear and Axle Ring and Pinion Sets
Yukon Ring and Pinion Gears

Yukon ring and pinion gears are built for heavy duty applications like racing, towing, and rock crawling. They're machined from the finest materials using modern gear grinding technology to give each set superior strength and the smoothest and most precise finish.
Yukon Gear and Axle Ring and Pinion Install Kits
Yukon Ring and Pinion Installation Kits

Yukon minimum and master installation kits contain all of the parts and pieces you need to install and set up your ring and pinion gears. Every component in each kit is of the highest quality and engineered specifically for your application to ensure an easy and smooth set up.
ARB Air Locker
ARB Air Locker

ARB Air Lockers use an externally mounted air compressor to engage the differential locking mechanism at the push of a button. The unit is 30% stronger than OEM gears and the patented timed locking mechanism allows for smooth engagement of the locker.
Detroit Locker
Detroit Locker
Starting At: $499.95
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Detroit Lockers

Detroit Lockers have a legendary reputation with off-roaders and feature a heavy duty, efficient, and effective design that offers 100% traction to both wheels at all times while still allowing for wheel speed differentiation for easy turning on the street and other high-traction surfaces.
Eaton ELocker
Eaton E-Locker
Starting At:: $779.95
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Eaton E-Lockers

Eaton E-Lockers use a proprietary electromagnetic locking mechanism to switch between an open carrier and a fully locked differential. They are specifically designed for use in 4x4 vehicles and feature heavy duty components for maximum durability and reliability.
Detroit Truetrac
Detroit Truetrac Locker
Starting At: $494.95
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Eaton TrueTrac

Detroit Truetrac Lockers are Torsen style limited slip differentials with helical gears instead of clutch packs to provide constant torque to both wheels will still allowing for smooth turns on pavement. Their heavy duty design and silent operation makes them ideal for any vehicle.
Eaton Posi LSD
Eaton Posi Limited Slip
Starting At: $469.95

Eaton Posi Limited slip differentials are built tough and feature chatter free carbon disc clutch packs for improved traction and durability. They are fully rebuildable and can be tuned with the use of softer or stiffer springs and clutches (sold separately). Perfect for the street, strip, or off-road.
OX Locker
OX Locker
Starting At: $799.95
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OX Lockers

OX Lockers have a unique cable shifted locking mechanism that makes them extremely tough, durable, reliable, and easy to use. A heavy duty diff cover and mechanical shifter are included and various cable lengths are available for simplified OEM and custom installations.
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