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Filthy Motorsports Free Spring Exchange Program
Free spring exchanges available on all new King coilover purchases!

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All King Coilover purchases that include springs are backed by the Filthy Motorsports Free Spring Exchange program.

Step 1: Order Your Coilovers with Springs

When placing your order on-line, choose the option to include springs by selecting a single, dual, or triple rate package and then choose your spring rates or provide the spring specifications if you know them, or select the "Custom Valving and Spring Rate Consultation" option to have us calculate the spring rates and valving for you.

Step 2: Complete the Ordering Process

Filthy Motorsports now offers two options for ordering coilovers. For those that know their spring rates and valving details, simply select the desired options and provide any special instructions in the order notes section and we'll fast-track the order into production. If, on the other hand, you would like us to calculate the spring rates and valving for you, select the "Custom Valving and Spring Rate Consultation" option and we'll reach out to you go over all of the details.

DIY / Self-Service Orders

When you provide the spring rates and valving on the order, we'll review the order for any obvious issues, incompatible options, or special requests and reach out to you directly if we have any questions or need to make any necessary changes. Once confirmed, a build sheet is written up and sent over to King for production.
Custom Valving w/ Consultation Orders

When you submit an order having selected the "Custom Valving and Spring Rate Consultation" valving option, we'll reach out to you via phone and/or email for a one-on-one consultation to not only calculate the required spring rates and valving, but to make sure you are ordering the right shocks in the proper configuration for your application.

Step 3: Install and Adjust Your Coilovers

Once you receive your coilovers, follow these basic steps for the initial installation:
  1. Install the springs on the shock with the lighter springs going on top.
  2. Snug down the upper spring retainer to remove any play between the springs.
  3. Bolt the coilovers onto the vehicle and check for clearances.
  4. Slowly lower the vehicle down and let the coilovers compress.
  5. The vehicle should settle down at or below your desired ride height.
  6. Tighten the upper spring retainer to raise the ride height if needed.
For a more detailed guide, please see Crawlpedia Coilover Setup Instructions.

If everything works out great, you are all set. If your ride height is too high or significantly too low, the springs go loose at full extension, or the springs require too much preload to support the vehicle, please move on to step 4, below.

Step 4: Contact Us

If after correctly installing and adjusting the coilovers, your vehicle is sitting too high or too low, the springs require too much preload, or the springs go loose at full extension, contact us via email while the coilovers are still on the vehicle.

DIY / Self-Service Orders

For self service orders, where you provided the sping rates and valving, you will need to calculate the new springs using these detailed Crawlpedia Coilover Spring Rate Correction Instructions. You will need to provide us with your measurements and calculations so we can double check and approve your new spring rates.
Custom Valving w/ Consultation Orders

If you selected the "Custom Valving and Spring Rate Consultation" valving option on your order, we will ask for the following information and then run the calculations for you.
  1. A photo of the coilovers on of the vehicle.
  2. The current spring specifications.
  3. The current height of each spring.
Important: For accurate results, all measurements and calculations must be taken with the vehicle sitting on the coilovers at its final, typical, loaded running weight.

Step 5: Order New Springs

Once your new spring rates have been calculated, you will be asked to order the new springs through this website. The new springs will be shipped to while you still have your original springs so that you can try multiple combinations. If the new setup works, let us know and we'll send you our return instructions (although, many customer choose to keep extra springs for future tuning). If the springs are still not quite right, we will try again.

Note: Shipping charges will apply and are not refundable. You are responsible for the cost of shipping back any unwanted springs. If the replacement springs are more expensive than the springs being returned, you will be responsible for covering the difference. Only the cost of the springs are covered under the exchange program and only previously approved exchanges will be accepted.

Step 6: Return Unused Springs for Refund or Store Credit

For springs returned in like-new condition within 30 days of their receipt, we will issue you a refund for their value. For springs returned after 30 days, the credit will be posted to your account for use towards any future purchase. No returns are accepted after 90 days.
  • A restocking fee of 10% to 30% will apply to springs returned in less-than like new condition.
  • A $10 cleaning fee per spring will apply to springs returned dusty, dirty, or muddy.
  • The original shipping charge is not refundable, and return shipping is not reimbursed.
  • Only springs sold to you by Filthy Motorsports can be returned.
  • Damaged or unusable springs will not be accepted.

Additional Spring Exchange Program Terms and Conditions:
  1. If the "I agree to the Spring Exchange terms." box is not checked as part of the ordering process, this program will not apply to the order.
  2. The free spring exchange only applies to the vehicle as described/planned at the time of the original order. If the sprung weight, suspension geometry, coilover placement, or entire vehicle has changed significantly, we are still happy to help you calculate the new springs, however, this free spring exchange program will no longer apply.
  3. While there is no time limit on the calculation service, the spring exchange program is limited to 120 days from the receipt of the coilovers.
  4. The free spring exchange is non-transferable and applies only to the customer listed on the original order.
  5. This program is a courtesy service provided by Filthy Motorsports and we reserve the right to decline an exchange for any reason or cancel the program at any time.
  6. This program does not supersede, replace, or change the Filthy Motorsports Return Policy. For any discrepancies, our Return Policy takes precedence.
  7. This spring exchange program is not an unlimited service and is limited to 2 exchanges per order.

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