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Inner Air Lock Internal Beadlocks
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Inner Air Lock beadlocks work with any traditional wheel or ring-style beadlock and feature a heavy duty internal case that houses an inner tube which, when inflated, presses against the inner and outer tire beads to prevent them from slipping or coming loose. Not only do Inner Air Locks allow you to run very low tire pressures by acting as a true double-beadlock, they also help prevent the wheel lip from getting pinched or damaged by acting as a tire within a tire. They are available in various sizes to work with wheels ranging from 15 x 8" all the way up to 20 x 10" and custom sizes are available via special order.

Inner Air Lock Installation (Simplified)
Installing a set of Inner Air Lock beadlocks is a simple process as long as you take you time and follow the provided instructions carefully.

Step 1
File down any sharp edges on your wheels and then sand them down and clean them to remove any dirt.
Step 2
Drill a hole to accept the secondary valve stem that will be used to inflate the inner beadlock tube.
Step 3
Lube the inner bead of the tire and install it on the wheel.

Inner Air Lock Install Inner Air Lock Install Inner Air Lock Install
Step 4
Apply a generous amount of talc powder to the Inner Air Lock and the inner tube.
Step 5
First install the inner bead of the Inner Air Lock and then insert the inner tube.
Step 6
Carefully install the outer tire bead and follow the detailed inflation instructions.

Click Here for Detailed IAL Installation Instructions (PDF)

- Inner Air Locks are not designed for, and should not be used as an emergency run-flat systems.
- For off-road use, the minimum recommended tire pressure is 5 psi with the Inner Air Lock fully inflated.
- Always maintain the Inner Air Lock at 30 psi and never inflate the Inner Air Lock inner tube above 40 psi.
- Review the detailed installation instructions prior to purchase to ensure compatibility with your application.
- Additional weight may be required for tire balancing. Equal or similar balancing products are recommended.

  • Locks both inner and outer tire beads
  • Compatible with ring style beadlocks
  • Inner tube and secondary valve included
  • Compatible with Equal balancing beads
  • Made in the USA

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