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King Shocks OEM Upgrade Kit | Toyota 4Runner | 1996 - 2002
Toyota 4Runner King OEM Shocks
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Product Code: KING-25001-151R
*No Longer Available*

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Toyota 4Runner King Shocks OEM Kit Models
The following King OEM suspension upgrade kits are available for the 1996 through 2002 Toyota 4Runner:

Vehicle Front Shocks Rear Shocks Front Kit Rear Kit

4Runner 96 - 02 2.5 Coilovers w/ Internal Res. (IFP) 2.5 Shocks w/ Hose Piggyback 25001-151 25001-334
4Runner 96 - 02 2.5 Coilovers w/ Internal Res. (IFP) 2.5 Shocks w/ Comp/ Adj. 25001-151

Front coilovers have reservoirs built into the main cylinder with an internal floating piston (IFP).

**600 lb. springs standard, 650 lb. springs used when needed.**
**Coilovers set for 1.5-2.5/3" over stock height depending on year and configuration.**
**Rear shocks fit factory rear springs with up to 3" lift. (may limit travel)**

Important Vehicle Specific Notes and Recommendations

Toyota Tacoma Gen. 3 4Runners are extremely popular and Filthy Motorsports works with customers every day doing everything from simple King shock replacements (like this kit), to full race-spec long travel kits, and many solid axle swaps. These trucks are an excellent platform, but there are a few very important tips that we have to keep in mind to build them well:

1. Gen. 3 4Runners had a wide variation in ride heights and fender flare styles from the factory so determining the amount of lift available from your front coilovers will depend on the model year and configuration of your particular 4Runner. Filthy Motorsports and King shocks ship their coilovers preset for the ideal mid-shaft ride height for the best overall performance. The coilovers should not be pre-loaded more than an extra 1/2" of lift at the tire and setting the proper wheel alignment after the installation is critical.

2. The front suspension geometry is very tight with about 7.5" of wheel travel leveraged to about 4" of movement on the coilover. This leaves plenty of room inside the coilover cylinder for King to run an internal reservoir (IFP), yet it also makes the suspension very sensitive to ride height positioning. For the best performance, the coilovers should be set at mid-shaft plus or minus 1/2" compared to stock height. For added movement, an aftermarket upper control arm (UCA) can be used to allow for an extra 1/2" of down travel when the coilovers are built with the extended travel option.

2. DO NOT use coilover pre-load to lift the vehicle over 2.5" to 3" of lift. Even at those heights, and aftermarket UCA and differential drop is required and the tires must be properly aligned to retain good ride quality. The factory geometry works best at about 1.5" to 2" over stock and lifting it more than that puts the CV shafts, steering linkages, tie rod ends, and control arms at steeper angles which reduces ride quality significantly and causes those components to wear out faster. For these reasons, if you want more than 2.5" to 3" of lift AND excellent performance, you will need an aftermarket lift kit that drops the lower control arm and front differential.

Complete Suspension Upgrade Recommendations

Improving the performance and handling of a Gen. 3 Toyota 4Runner can be done in many ways on many different budgets, however, it's always best not to spend your hard earned money twice to get your desired results. With that in mind, Filthy Motorsports recommends choosing one of the following options:

1. Best Performance on a Budget:
If you don't have a lot to spend and your 4Runners will be your daily driver, we recommend these King coilovers up front and King shocks in the rear with factory front upper control arms and factory rear springs.

2. Best Trail Runner Performance on a Budget:
For those that want the best performance off-road and on the trails, Filthy Motorsports recommends these King OEM coilovers up front built with extended travel and paired with SPC Upper Control Arms and a 1" differential drop kit. In the rear we recommend 1.5" lift spacers or your choice of 3" rear lift springs paired with King rear shocks. If you plan to add a significant amount of weight in the form of bumpers, armor, and gear, we'll increase the front coilover spring rates as needed and for extra fine tuning, consider adding the compression adjusters.

3. Best Desert Racing Performance on a Budget:
For the ultimate in ride quality on and off-road while maintaining a reasonable budget, we recommend King OEM coilovers up front built with extended travel and paired with SPC or Camburg upper control arms, and a 1" differential drop. For the rear, a set of 3" rear springs and 3" bump stop spacers paired with custom length rear King shocks for extra down travel will allow 33" tires. For added fine tuning, upgrade the rear shocks with compression adjusters.

4. Race-Spec Long Travel:
For the ultimate off-road racing suspension, contact Filthy Motorsports about a long travel suspension system with coilovers, bypasses, and hydraulic bump stops.

Remember, all orders are treated as custom orders and we will review the spring rates, valving, and configuration to make sure they not only fit the vehicle, but also match your expectations and goals.

Free Spring Exchange Program: All King OEM Coilover Kits are covered by the Filthy Motorsports Free Spring Exchange Program. While we always do our best to select the proper spring for your vehicle, if the ones we send you settle the vehicle too high or too low, let us know and we'll swap them out for you.

Free Spring Exchange

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King OEM Performance Shock Upgrade Kits are direct bolt-on replacement shocks and/or coilovers for your vehicle and come custom tuned for the ultimate balance of on-road handling and off-road performance. They include all of the necessary hardware you need for a bolt-on installation that can easily be done over the weekend. Custom length shafts and cylinders are available to work with any brand and size lift kit. Additional options include compression adjusting reservoirs, custom colors, internal or external bypass tubes, and race-spec valving.

Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding
All OEM upgrade shocks and coilovers are hand-built with the same parts as all of King's other Performance Race Series shocks. They are completely serviceable, tunable, and rebuildable to last a lifetime and it only requires a few simple hand tools, a few hours, and the appropriate King replacement parts from Filthy Motorsports. If you prefer not to do the work yourself, you can always bring (or send) your shocks to us and we will service them for you.

New! How to Service and Rebuild King Shocks: King Shock Rebuild Instructions & King Shock Replacement Parts

King Shock images are © Copyright King Shock Technology, used with permission.
Additional images and product descriptions are © Copyright Filthy Motorsports, LLC.
  • Custom built and valved for your application
  • Precision bored and honed, cadmium plated chromoly body
  • 3/4" or 7/8" hard chromed, heat treated, micro polished shaft
  • Aircraft quality billet aluminum components
  • Heat treated 6061 aluminum alloy piston
  • Heat treated stainless alloy valve shims
  • Teflon bronze composite wear band
  • Long lasting urethane seals
  • Hard anodized aluminum reservoirs
  • Replaceable Teflon lined spherical bearings
  • Fully rebuildable and serviceable
  • Made in the USA

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