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12" ORI STX Struts **In Stock**
ORI STX Struts In Stock
Sold Individually
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List Price: $1,150.00

(Minimum order):  2

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days
Product Code: ORI-STX-INV

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High Misalignment Spacers


This page lists ORI Struts currently in stock at Filthy Motorsports and available for immediate shipping. Quantities are limited and struts are sold at ORI's retail price.

All struts include high-speed STX top caps with velocity-sensitive compression damping and 60% improved return oil flow.

ORI STX Struts are nitrogen air shocks fully loaded with high performance features including externally adjustable rebound valving, 3 stage compression stoke with built in hydraulic and mechanical bump stops, and park position tuning for reduced unloading. Each strut can support up to 1,900 lbs. which makes them ideal for lightweight buggies and rock crawlers. On larger vehicles, multiple struts can be installed independently or even interconnected to act as one unit.

Adjustable Valving
To complement the infinitely adjustable spring rate of the ORI STX strut, the internal compression and rebound valving was also designed for fine tuning. Separate shock oil reservoirs for the compression and rebound stroke of the strut allow for the use of different oil viscosity to tune each direction of movement. For additional fine tuning, the 7 position rebound damping dial found near the bottom of the strut can be adjusted on-the-fly.

Built In Bump Stop and Extension Cushion
Not only do ORI STX Struts make sway bars unnecessary, they do away with external bump stops and limiting straps because those features are already built into the struts themselves. The compression stroke of the STX strut features 3 stages made up of standard valving, a hydraulic bump stop, and a secondary mechanical bump stop to soften hard landings. An end-of-stroke cushion keeps the strut safe from damage caused by over-extension.

Unloading and Push-Off Prevention
Another great feature not found on any other shock is the ability to set a rebound park-position to prevent unloading during a hill climb or decent. Unlike coilovers or air springs that will always rebound back to their ride height position, ORI STX Struts can be set with a predetermined rebound park-position that limits the rebound travel of the strut until the weight of the wheels and axles can extend the strut back to ride height.

Custom Tuning and Valving
Filthy Motorsports is an authorized ORI Struts dealer and has the parts, tools, and experience necessary to fine tune your struts to your specific needs. Unlike traditional shocks that only have rebound and compression valving, ORI STX Struts have internal hydraulic bump stops, independent compression and rebound oil, 7 position rebound valving, and 3 stage compression valving that all need to be calibrated, adjusted, and tuned to work together.

Fully Rebuildable
ORI Struts are built to last a lifetime of hardcore off-road abuse because they are designed with easy maintenance, rebuilding, and tuning in mind. Filthy Motorsports carries all of the replacement parts and tools you need to repair or rebuild your ORI struts yourself or you can always send them our way and we'll service them for you in the matter of a few days. If you need replacement parts or want to send your struts in for service, simply contact us for details.

Strut Specifications
The table below lists the details for all standard sized ORI STX Struts available through Filthy Motorsports:

Part # Travel Comp. Ext. Weight

STX08 8" 15.825" 23.2" 9.7 lbs.
STX10 10" 17.825" 27.2" 10.9 lbs.
STX12 12" 19.825" 31.2" 12.2 lbs.
STX14 14" 21.825" 35.2" 13.4 lbs.
STX16 16" 23.825" 39.2" 14.6 lbs.
STX18 18" 25.825" 43.2" 16.0 lbs.
STX20 20" 27.825" 47.2" 17.2 lbs.
STX22 22" 29.825" 51.2"
STX24 24" 31.825" 55.2"
STX26 26" 33.825" 59.2"
STX28 28" 35.825" 63.2"
STX30 30" 37.825" 67.2"

*Shock lengths are measured from eye-to-eye.
How to Measure For Shocks and Coilovers

Important: ORI Struts are for off-road use only and ship uncharged.

ORI Struts images are © Copyright Off Road Innovations, Inc., used with permission.
Additional images and product descriptions are © Copyright Filthy Motorsports, LLC.
  • **In Stock**
  • New high speed STX top cap with additional internal porting
  • Lightweight design with billet 6061 aluminum components
  • Corrosion resistant anodized finish with cooling fins
  • Dual progressive spring rates support up to 1,900 lbs.
  • 1.75" hard chrome shaft, 2.0" piston, and 3.25" overall body size
  • Adjustable 3-stage compression and 7-position rebound damping
  • Hydraulic bump stop valving and full extension cushioning
  • Teflon lined spherical bearings compatible with 1/2" or 5/8" bolts
  • 5,000 PSI rated internal seals

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