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Warn Industries is best known for their off-road recovery winches that have become the gold standard in four wheeling. They started business back in 1948 manufacturing locking axle hubs for surplus army Jeeps and have since expanded their product line to include industrial, military, and recreational winches, bumpers, auxiliary lights, and air compressors.

Warn Winches range from small utility winches all the way up to 18,000 lb. severe duty, military spec winches. Off-road enthusiasts, however, tend to stick to the following truck and SUV winches designed specifically for the trail:

Warn Products - Below you will find a list off all Warn Industries brand products currently available for sale online. Filthy Motorsports carries the complete line of Warn winches, bumpers, hubs, lights, and accessories, so if you don't see the item you are looking for, contact us directly for a price quote and product details.

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Warn VR8000 Winch
Warn VR8000 - 8,000 lb. Winch | 86245 / 87835 (Synthetic)

Warn VR8000 Entry Level Series winches are perfect for any light truck, Jeep, or SUV because they have an 8,000 lb. pull rating with 94 feet of 5/16" steel cable and a low profile design with separate electronics that allows for easy mounting within even the tightest of spaces. more info
Warn VR10000 Winch
Warn VR10000 - 10,000 lb. Winch | 86255 / 87840 (Synthetic)

Warn VR10000 Entry Level Series winches may have an affordable price but they are fully loaded with features. This model has a 10,000 lb. pull rating with 94 feet of 3/8" cable and features a roller fairlead, low profile design, and separated electrical controls for easy mounting. more info
Warn VR12000 Winch
Warn VR12000 - 12,000 lb. Winch | 86260

Warn VR12000 Entry Level Series winches give you the most pulling power, reliability, and features per dollar than any other winch on the market today. Their 12,000 lb. rating, 94 feet of 3/8" steel cable, roller fairlead, and low profile design make them perfect for any size truck, Jeep, or SUV. more info
Warn XD9000 Winch
Warn XD9000 - 9,000 lb. Winch | 28500

Warn XD9000 Premium Series winches have all of the features found in the popular XD9000i winch only in a more compact size with non-integrated electronics for mounting in tighter spaces. They are rated to 9,000 lbs. and come with 100 ft. of 5/16" cable and a roller fairlead. more info
Warn XD9000i Winch
Warn XD9000i - 9,000 lb.Winch | 27550 / 37441

Warn XD9000i Premium Series winches are our best selling winches because they are fast, reliable, and built to survive the most extreme conditions. A portable version of the XD9000i is also available with Warn's multi-mount system to fit any vehicle with a 2" receiver hitch. more info
Warn 9.5xp Winch
Warn 9.5xp - 9,500 lb. Winch | 68500 / 87310 (Synthetic)

Warn 9.5xp Extreme Performance Series winches are rated for 9,500 lbs. and are built for use in off-road competitions. They feature a tough, water resistant housing and Warn's strongest 6 hp motor. Each 9.5xp winch comes with 100 ft of 5/16" cable, a roller fairlead, and next-gen remote. more info
Warn 9.0Rc Winch
Warn 9.0Rc - 9,000 lb. Winch | 71550 (Synthetic)

Warn 9.0 Ultimate Performance Series Rock Crawling winches are purpose built for off-road rock crawling competitions and feature a 9,000 lb. pull rating and a compact size that reduces weight without sacrificing strength thanks to its 50 feet of 3/8" synthetic winch rope. more info
Warn 9.5cti Winch
Warn 9.5cti - 9,500 lb. Winch | 97550 / 85760 / 97600 (Synthetic)

Warn 9.5cti Ultimate Performance Series winches have a 9,500 lb. pull rating and include Warn's best features like a temperature indicator on the remote and an extreme-duty sealed aluminum housing. A synthetic rope version and portable multi-mount model are also available. more info
Warn M8274-50 Winch
Warn Hi-Mount M8274-50 - 8,000 lb. Winch | 38631

Warn M8274-50 Premium Series competition-spec winches are rated at 8,000 lbs. and feature a sliding motor pinion gear clutch, automatic disc type brake, and a spur gear drive train that allows for super fast line speeds. 150 feet of 5/16" winch cable and a roller fairlead are included. more info
Warn Endurance 12.0 Winch
Warn Endurance 12.0 - 12,000 lb. Winch | 73010

Warn Endurance 12.0 Ultimate Performance  Series winches have the longest duty cycle of any 12,000 lb. electric winch on the market today thanks to Warn's innovative external air circulation system that keeps their high torque motors running cool. more info
Warn M8000 Winch
Warn M8000 - 8,000 lb. Winch | 26502 / 87800 (Synthetic)

Warn M8000 Premium Series medium duty winches have a 8,000 lb. rating and are available in 4.8 hp, 12 volt and 2.1 hp, 24 volt configurations. 100 feet of 5/16" cable and a roller fairlead are standard equipment as is a next-gen 12 foot remote switch control. more info
Warn M12000 Winch
Warn M12000 - 12,000 lb. Winch | 17801

Warn M12000 Premium Series heavy duty winches have a maximum pull rating of 12,000 lbs and come in 12 and 24 volt models. Designed for full size trucks and SUVS, they come with 125 feet of 3/8" cable and include a roller fairlead and 12 foot remote switch control. more info
Warn M15000 Winch
Warn M15000 - 15,000 lb. Winch | 47801

Warn M15000 Premium Series high capacity 15,000 lb. winch has the power to handle the big jobs. Available in 12 and 24 volt models, the M15000 comes with 90 feet of extra thick, 7/16" winch cable, a roller fairlead and a 12 foot remote winch controller. more info
Warn 16.5ti Winch
Warn 16.5ti - 16,500 lb. Winch | 68801

Warn 16.5ti  Heavy-Weight Series winches have the highest capacity (16,500 lbs.) and most technologically advanced features designed to tackle the biggest and toughest jobs. 90 feet of extra strong 7/16" winch cable are included along with a heavy duty roller fairlead. more info
Authorized Dealer: Filthy Motorsports is an authorized Warn Industries dealer and carries the full line of Warn winches, bumpers, lights, and accessories. If you don't see the product you are looking for listed on our website, please call or email us for a price quote and product details.

Warranty: All Warn products sold by Filthy Motorsports include Warn's full warranty as per their warranty statements(available on their website). Filthy Motorsports also carries genuine Warn replacement parts to service, maintain, and repair any Warn product. Contact us directly for details.