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Race-Spec Limiting Straps (Quad Wrapped)
Limiting Straps
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Our off-road racing series quad wrapped limiting straps protect your axles and suspension components by preventing the over extension of the vehicle's suspension system. Straps are available in 17 always in-stock sizes or can be custom ordered for an extra fee.

The purpose of limiting straps:
If you've modified the suspension on your vehicle in any way, are running aftermarket shocks, and spend any amount of time off-road, then limiting straps would be a good investment for your vehicle. Suspension lift kits alter the travel of the vehicle's suspension system and have the potential for overextending the system when a tire or the entire vehicle are in the air. Many shock absorbers have built-in emergency limiting cushions to protect against the occasional jump, but repeated abuse will destroy them quickly. Limiting straps attach to both the vehicle frame and the axle (or A-arm) to cushion the drop and protect the shocks, drive shafts, cv-shafts, and steering components from damage caused by over extension.

Choosing a strap length:
Limiting straps are designed to stretch a small amount to help cushion the end of the suspension stroke and prevent sudden jolts to the chassis when jumping. For this reason, it is recommended that you order your limiting straps 1 to 4 inches shorter than your required length, depending on the length of the strap. The rule of thumb with our straps is 1 inch of stretch for every 12 inches.

Tips and tricks:
Our limiting straps are built to last, and we expect our customers to abuse them. Over time, our limiting straps may stretch out slightly, If this becomes a problem, you can twist them 180 degrees or more to shorten them up. This is not recommended as a long term solution, but it should get you through another season of off-roading. For the ultimate mounting solution, use our adjustable limiting strap clevises and multiple limiting straps.

Images and product descriptions are © Copyright Filthy Motorsports, LLC.
  • 4130 Zinc plated Chromoly buckles with deflector clip
  • Heavy duty 1.75" military-spec nylon webbing
  • 10,000 Lbs. conservative rating.
  • Quad wrapped the entire length of the strap
  • Stitched in a special bar tack lock using super strong thread
  • 9/16" (.5625) diameter mounting holes
  • Available in sizes from 8" to 60"
  • Made in the USA

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