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King Air Shocks (2.0 / 2.5)
King Air Shocks
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Sold Individually
Price: $344.00

(Minimum order):  2

Availability: *2.0 x 14" and 2.5 x 14" IN STOCK*
Product Code: KING-AIR

Shock Size

- In-Stock Shocks Are Listed with Current Inventory (INV:).
- Air shocks listed as body size x shock travel (stroke).

Shock Options

*Due to Extended Lead Times, Some Custom Options are Temporarily Unavailable.*

Shock Valving:

- Standard and know valving shocks will be built exactly as submitted.
- Custom tuning orders will receive a one-on-one consultation.

*For custom valving consultations, please briefly describe your vehicle and application above. Once the order is received, we will request additional information and contact you for a one-on-one consultation to confirm the specifications and shock valving for your application.
*Consultation fees are non-refundable once that service is provided.

Payment Terms Agreement:

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♦ This item has a 15% cancellation fee once processed.
If the order is cancelled, for whatever reason, after having been reviewed, approved, and processed, a 15% cancellation fee will apply.

**Sales Tax Notice: - King Shock orders are taxable when shipping to AZ, CA, CO, NV, TX, UT, and WA. If sales tax is not calculated correctly by our website, we will adjust or remove the tax once the order is received.


King Air Shocks (also known as Nitrogen Shocks) are the perfect alternative to coil over shocks for lightweight rock buggies and sand rails. Their simple yet reliable design incorporates both a shock absorber and a nitrogen spring in one shock body. Features include a gun-drilled (hollow) shaft to reduce overall weight and high pressure urethane seals to give the air shock a long life expectancy. Unlike coilovers, air shocks have an infinitely adjustable ride height that is controlled by changing the nitrogen pressure within the shock from 50 to 500 psi. The weight ratings for King Air Shocks at ride height are 600 lbs. at 500 psi for the 2.0 model and 1,200 lbs. at 500 psi for the 2.5 model.

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Standard Sizes and Options
The standard air shock comes in a 2.0 body and in 6 to 14 inch lengths. A 2.5 body upgrade is available as are 16 and 18 inch shock shafts. For those intending to use the air shock as a secondary spring, we offer the option of having it valved as a bump stop instead of a shock absorber.

Shock Specifications
The following table lists the technical specs for all standard 2.0 and 2.5 air shocks:

King Part # Body Dia. Travel Shaft Dia. Compressed Extended

PR2006-ASNR 2.0" 6" 1.250" 13.000" 19.000"
PR2008-ASNR 2.0" 8" 1.250" 16.120" 24.120"
PR2010-ASNR 2.0" 10" 1.250" 18.120" 28.120"
PR2012-ASNR 2.0" 12" 1.250" 20.630" 32.630"
PR2014-ASNR 2.0" 14 1.250" 22.630" 36.630"
PR2016-ASNR 2.0" 16" 1.250" 24.630" 40.630"

PR2506-ASNR 2.5" 6" 1.625" 13.000" 19.000"
PR2508-ASNR 2.5" 8" 1.625" 16.120" 24.120"
PR2510-ASNR 2.5" 10" 1.625" 19.100" 29.100"
PR2512-ASNR 2.5" 12" 1.625" 21.100" 33.100"
PR2514-ASNR 2.5" 14" 1.625" 23.034" 37.034"
PR2516-ASNR 2.5" 16" 1.625" 25.784" 41.784"
PR2518-ASNR 2.5" 18" 1.625" 27.784" 45.784"

*Compressed and extended shock lengths are measured from eye-to-eye.
How to Measure For Shocks and Coilovers

Custom Built and Valved by King Racing
The air shocks you are looking at are not sitting on a warehouse shelf right now. That is because all shock orders are sent to King Racing as a build sheet for a specialized shock technician to custom build and valve by hand. This process only takes a few days and is a free service offered by Filthy Motorsports to its customers.

Selecting Shock Valving
Valving is the heart of all air shocks and it can make or break the overall performance of your vehicle. We take shock valving as seriously as King Racing does, and in order to decide on the correct valving for your shocks, we need to know as much as possible about your application. A "Shock Details" text box is part of the build menu above. Please use this text box to describe your application in as much detail as possible. Keep in mind that it is impossible to give us too much information, so don't hold back. After reviewing your description, if we still don't feel like we have enough information to consult with King Racing about your shocks, we will be sure to contact you for the additional information that we need. Our goal is to make sure your new air shocks are tuned perfectly.

Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding
King Air Shocks are built to handle all of the off-road abuse you can throw at them, and they only need a little service here and there to keep them going strong. For that reason, King designed their air shocks to be completely tunable, serviceable, and rebuildable using only simple hand tools. For added convenience, Filthy Motorsports stocks all of the replacement shock parts you need to do the work yourself, or you can bring (or ship) your shocks to us and we'll get them serviced for you.

New! How to Service and Rebuild King Shocks: King Shock Rebuild Instructions & King Shock Replacement Parts

Note: Some shocks ship uncharged. Nitrogen charging is available free to local customers.

King Shock images are © Copyright King Shock Technology, used with permission.
Additional images and product descriptions are © Copyright Filthy Motorsports, LLC.
  • 50 to 500 psi nitrogen ride height adjustments
  • Heat treated, 1.250" or 1.650" gun drilled (hollow), hard chromed, micro polished shaft
  • Precision bored and honed, cadmium plated, chromoly body
  • Aircraft quality billet aluminum components
  • Heat treated 6061 aluminum alloy piston
  • Heat treated stainless alloy valve shims
  • Teflon bronze composite wear band
  • Heavy duty, long wearing, triple element seals
  • 1/2" or 5/8" Teflon lined spherical bearings
  • Billet end cap and Schrader valve cover
  • Fully rebuildable and serviceable
  • Made in the USA

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