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Read all instructions carefully before ordering shock parts.

A 25% restocking fee applies to parts unless noted as non-returnable.

For accuracy we do NOT accept parts orders via phone.

For any parts NOT listed on our website, please contact King directly.

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All parts orders will be shipped, no exceptions.

Please allow 3-5 days for all parts orders to be processed and shipped.
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King Shocks Rebuild Instructions | Shock Rebuild Tools List

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Photos of King Shocks Inflation Manifold
King Shock Parts - Charging Manifold
Price: $95.00

King Inflation / Charging Manifolds are machined from aluminum and feature a high pressure gauge and a no-loss air chuck for accurate shock and bump stop inflation and pressure adjustments. Made in the USA. more info
King Seal Kit images
King Shock Parts - Shock Rebuild Seal Kits
Price: $37.50

King Shock Seal Kits include all necessary seals and o-rings needed to properly service King shocks, coilovers, bypass shocks, air shocks, steering stabilizers, and bump stops. Genuine King Shocks seal kits. more info
Photos of King Shock Wear Bands
King Shock Parts - Wear Bands
Price: $17.00

(#13 & 38) King Wear Bands surround the shock shaft piston and reservoir internal floating piston to provide a sliding surface between the piston and cylinder walls. Wear bands are a service item and should be replaced regularly. more info
King Shim Kit images
King Shock Parts - Valving Shim Stacks
Price: $30.00

(#12) King Shim Stack Kits are used to tune your King shocks and are available as compression and rebound shim stacks in .08", .010", .012", .015", and .020" thicknesses for 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 PR and Pure Race Series shocks. Custom combinations are also available by request. more info
King Misalignment Spacer Images
King Shock Parts - Misalignment Spacers
Price: $9.00

(#45) King Misalignment Spacers are used on each side of a shock's mounting bearings and are available in numerous bolt diameters and overall mounting widths to match your vehicle. Genuine King Shock replacement parts. more info
Photos of King Shock Bearings
King Shock Parts - Bearings
Price: $15.00

(#47) King Bearings are used to mount King shocks to the vehicle and allow them to rotate with the suspension as it cycles. Spherical bearings and available in four sizes (1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1") and feature a Teflon liner for improved longevity. more info
Photos of King Shock Snap Rings
King Shock Parts - Snap Rings
Price: $1.75

(#46) King Bearing Snap Rings are used to lock spherical bearings in place on King shocks. There are four sizes available to match 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1" bearings. Minimum order is two snap rings. more info
Photos of King Shock Grommets
King Shock Parts - Bearing Grommets
Price: $4.00

King Bearing Grommets are used to keep piggyback, bypass, and a steering stabilizers in position and to prevent them from rotating. Grommets are not seals and should not be used as seals. Minimum order is two grommets. more info
Photos of King DU Bushings
King Shock Parts - DU Bushings
Price: $15.00

(#18) King DU Bushings are self lubricating split bushings also called sleeve bearings that act as shaft guides within the seal head assembly. They generally do not need to be replaced unless damaged. more info
Image of King Schrader Valves
King Shock Parts - Schrader Valves
Price: $19.00

(#41) King Schrader Valves are available in NPT and o-ring styles with long and short stems.They are used on all King shocks with remote or piggyback reservoirs, air shocks, bump stops, and some emulsion shocks and steering stabilizers. more info
Authorized Dealer: Filthy Motorsports is an authorized King Racing Shocks dealer and carries the full line of King shocks, coilovers, bypass shocks, air shocks, bump stops, and accessories. If you don't see the product you are looking for listed on our website, please contact us directly for a price quote and product details.

Warranty: All King Racing Shock products sold by Filthy Motorsports include their full warranty as per their warranty statements(available on their website). Filthy Motorsports also carries genuine King replacement parts to service, maintain, and repair any King product. Contact us directly for details.