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Replacement Parts for King Off-Road Racing Shocks

King Off-Road Racing Shocks are fully rebuildable, serviceable, tuneable, and reconfigurable. All you need are the correct, genuine King Shocks replacement parts and Filthy Motorsports is here to help you get the parts you need.

**Read all instructions carefully before ordering shock parts.**
**25% restocking fee applies to parts unless noted as non-returnable.**

**For accuracy we do NOT accept parts orders via phone.**

King Parts PDF Download Download the Filthy Motorsports King Parts List

This PDF contains a numbered list of King Shock components that we use to help identify the parts you need.

For shock rebuild instructions see: King Shocks Rebuild Instructions.

For a complete list of tools needed for rebuilding shocks, see the Shock Rebuild Tools List on Crawlpedia.

Order Online:
Website orders are processed and shipped the fastest. Please be sure to read all instructions carefully as online orders will not be reviewed for accuracy and will be shipped as ordered and a 25% restocking fee will apply to any returns.

Order via Email ($75 minimum):
If you are not entirely sure what you need or need items not available on our website, please send us a detailed email with what you need along with your complete shipping address.

We do NOT accept parts orders via phone.

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King Seal Kit images
King Shock Parts - Shock Rebuild Kits
Price: $35.00

King Shock Seal Kits include genuine, direct replacement King seals and o-rings to rebuild your PR and RS series smoothie shocks, coilovers, bypass shocks, air shocks, and bump stops. Schrader valves, wear bands, and DU bushings also available. more info
King Shim Kit images
King Shock Parts - Valving Shim Stacks
Price: $27.00

King Shim Stack Kits are used to tune your King shocks and are available as compression and rebound shim stacks in .08", .010", .012", .015", and .020" thicknesses for 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 PR and Pure Race Series shocks. Custom combinations are also available by request. more info
King Bearings and Spacers
King Shock Parts - Bearings and Spacers
Price: $29.50

King Bearings and Misalignment Spacers are used to mount King shocks to the vehicle and allow them to rotate with the suspension as it cycles. Spherical bearings and spacers are a very commonly replaced part and they are available in various sizes and widths. Sold as complete sets per shock. more info
King Shock Oil images
King Shock Parts - Shock Oil
Price: $41.00
Price Change Pending

King Shock Oil for PR and RS series King smoothie shocks, coilovers, bypass shocks, air shocks, and bump stops is the correct, genuine, original replacement shock oil to refill your shocks. Additional oil weights are available for custom tuning. more info
King Slider images
King Shock Parts - Coilover Sliders
Price: $20.00
Price Change Pending

King Coilover Sliders are used in multi-spring coilover applications to center the springs on the shock body and allow them to slide as they compress and extend. They also allow the engagement of the stop nuts so they work hard and wear out over time. Sold individually. more info
King Shock Shaft images
King Shock Parts - Shock Shafts
Price: $65.00

King Replacement Shock Shafts are available for King shocks, bypasses, coilovers, air shocks, and hydraulic bump stops. Shafts are made of 100,000 PSI tensile strength steel that is hard chrome finished and micro polished for maximum strength, durability and corrosion resistance. more info
King OEM Rebuild Kits
King Shock Parts | Toyota / Lexus / Land Cruiser | Complete Rebuild Kits
Price: $232.00

King OEM Shocks Complete Rebuild Kits include new bearings, retaining rings, pin top bushings, o-rings, seals, wear bands, and misalignment spacers needed to service your well-maintained, lightly used, or moderately abused King OEM shocks. more info
King OEM Bearings
King Shock Parts | Toyota / Lexus / Land Cruiser | Bearing and Pin-Top Kits
Price: $140.00

King OEM Shocks Bearing and Pin-Top Kits include new bearings, snap rings, and misalignment spacers. For pin-top shocks, the pin-top rebuild kit includes new bushings, metal sleeves, and nylon liners, grade 8 washers, and lock nuts. Sold in pairs or as complete kits. more info
Shock Valving and Spring Review Images
Suspension Tuning, Spring Rate, and Valving Services
Service Fee: $100.00

Spring Rate and Shock Valving Services include a complete review of your vehicle and current setup, a basic suspension theory overview, and interview to go over your driving style and expectations. We will calculate the proper spring rates and shock valving for you application. more info
Authorized Dealer: Filthy Motorsports is an authorized King Racing Shocks dealer and carries the full line of King shocks, coilovers, bypass shocks, air shocks, bump stops, and accessories. If you don't see the product you are looking for listed on our website, please contact us directly for a price quote and product details.

Warranty: All King Racing Shock products sold by Filthy Motorsports include their full warranty as per their warranty statements(available on their website). Filthy Motorsports also carries genuine King replacement parts to service, maintain, and repair any King product. Contact us directly for details.